FAQ - frequently asked questions
What is the deadline for implementation?
Due to continuous access to seasoned material and operation with the use of several assembly teams, one of our main strengths are short waiting times, in most cases they are a maximum of two weeks. Due to the seasonality and certain unpredictability of the industry, please contact us directly.
Is there a difference in price between designs?
All designs of one-sided boards have the same price. In the case of non-standard fences (eg assembled using double patterned panels) the price is set individually.
What actions are on the client's side?
The area should be prepared for assembly. By preparation we mean providing access and removing trees and shrubs in the fence line. Disassembly and utilization of the old fence is performed as a separate service.
What amount of fence does not require a permit?
Permission does not require a fence lower than 220cm. Above this amount, permission from the local elders is required.
How are the posts embedded deep in the ground?
The design of the posts envisages setting them to a depth of 70cm. The pit under the post is 75-80 cm deep and filled with concrete with specially selected strength.
How long does the assembly take?
In the case of standard residential properties, the assembly of a full fence usually takes about 2 to 3 business days. Depending on external factors, such as weather or substrate, this may change.
Are the plates reinforced?
All boards are made of top-class ashless cement and reinforced with bars with a diameter of 6mm. For additional improvement of the strength of our product, the boards are additionally reinforced with polypropylene fiber.
What are the boards painted?
For painting we use a dedicated paint for fences and concrete elements with increased resistance to weather conditions. Painting is done in spray technology.
What is the durability of concrete fences?
The lifetime of the concrete elements is at least 30-50 years. Protection with the use of appropriate paint additionally increases their resistance to external factors such as UV radiation or lichen formation, and also significantly improves aesthetic values.
What height of concrete fences are available?
The elements we use allow you to build fences up to 300cm high, stepping every 25cm (275cm, 250cm, 225cm, 200cm, 175cm, 150cm, 125cm, 100cm). The most frequently chosen by our customers option is fencing with a height of 200cm - it does not require special permits and is an excellent compromise between the appropriate inflow of light and the insulation of the property from noise and neighbors.

If you are interested in the offer or any doubts, please contact our advisor